Energy tips to get through this winter!

Energietips om deze winter door te komen!

Energy prices are skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay the energy bill. In addition to the energy prices that have risen abnormally fast, there is also a sky-high inflation. More and more families are getting into financial problems because of this inflation. Purchasing power decreases enormously, causing income to become less and less valuable in real terms.

But how can you make sure you can save some money on your energy bill this winter? We have made a list of tips for you that will certainly help you this cold winter.

Energy tips to save money during the winter of '22/23

  1. Lower the heating a few degrees.
    Set the thermostat to a maximum of 19 degrees, which will save you a lot of money on an annual basis. Do not set the heater lower than 16 degrees, as this will cost you more money to heat the house the next morning.
  2. Make the lighting at home more sustainable
    Replace the old lighting with energy-saving and LED lamps, which means you consume less power and this saves you money on your energy bill. In addition, do not forget to switch off the lighting when you leave a room.
  3. Take shorter and less hot showers
    By taking shorter showers in combination with a lower temperature, you save some money on an annual basis. You not only save on the energy bill, but also on the water bill. So nice :)
  4. Cook with a lid on the pan
    Cooking with the lid on can reduce cooking time by half. This means you use less gas/electricity. In addition, the food is faster on the table :)
  5. Turn down the heating in the bathroom
    By turning down the heating in the bathroom, you can save some money on the energy bill. By applying a bath mat in the bathroom, you ensure that your feet feel nice and warm and soft again when brushing your teeth. View our range for the wonderfully soft bath mats.
  6. Get a fleece blanket
    By purchasing a fleece blanket you will not be cold this winter. This way you will be nice and warm while watching your favorite series! View our range for the fleece blankets.

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  • Mats on

    Leuke blog om toch weer wat centjes te besparen, ik ben benieuwd naar de fleece dekens!

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